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Foodbank Australia is participating in Community Million Dollar Challenge

Last year, more than 4 million Australians were food insecure. Join Food Bank’s fight against hunger in Australian by lacing up your boots and joining this innovative itinerary that takes in a remote section of the Great Wall outside Beijing in Hebei Province. This is an extraordinary challenge that will take you to a China few others experience. Hosted by local families, we camp in comfort in exclusive locations and tackle sections of the Great Wall over seven days, trekking between villages. The scenery is vast and diverse as we trek our way through tall swaying corn cropped field to distant green river valleys with one of the great wonders of the world as our backdrop. Host families provide us with true rural hospitality in the ‘real China’ and allow us rare interaction, including visits to family homes. You won’t be walking on the crowded, restored sections of the Wall. The trail will take you across undulating landscapes where sections of the Wall can be steep at times. Be part of the Million Dollar Challenge movement and register today.


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